Gina Harper

Gina's ApronGina's Apron Detail

I have always been an explorer, a forager, and a collector of wild things and wind-blown bits.   I am a maker too — of altars, assemblages, concoctions, and collections.

My ancestors were wanderers and homesteaders.  They made ordered lives from hard-scrabble and scarce means.  I grew up in a home that my parents built, on land acquired from my grandparents.   It was surrounded by forests, fields, mountains, and creeks.   Taming nature and beating back wildness, at the edges of clearings and in my siblings and I, consumed my parents.  It was a battle never entirely won.

No amount of mowing, hacking, or paving-over holds back the advancing edge of wildness.   The parts of me that are wild, rebellious, and long to run free cannot ever be entirely repressed either.  And so it is that I instinctively wander into clearings where I find people like India Flint who encourage me to live my most creative, wild, and authentic life.

The adventure of creating the alchemist apron has been wonderfully rewarding and freeing.  I am not yet the rebel I aspire to be, but it is through continued exploration and practice that I overcome my timidity.  I’m beyond grateful to have had this opportunity to learn and grow in such fabulous company!

Gina Harper

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