Jolanda-Helena van den Broek



Once upon a time my apron was a nice thick cotton shirt. I was allowed to steal it from my husband’s wardrobe promising him it was for a wonderful adventure. I have been eco-dyeing for a while but for the first time I got good print and color results from bundling with eucalyptus leaves after mordanting in the magic potion. I used onion skins, mallow and rose petals too. Even being a free motion machine sewing girl, (I love my machine to bits), this project got me into hand/slow stitching again. The tranquil, meditative skill adds some real magic to the total image, so I will definitely continuing using it beside the machine work. I see my apron as a work in progress; by adding more stitching, trinkets, found objects, pockets and anything that will present itself over time, it will continue to tell a story. Thank you India for the inspiring workshop and thank you all, co-apronists, for sharing your beautiful work.

Jolanda-Helena van den Broek

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