Maureen McDermott


I used a men’s linen shirt purchased at a thrift store. Using magic potion I soaked it over night before dyeing.  The foliage  I used was frozen purple petunias, frozen red rose petals, evergreen leaves, very dry oak leaves and one sprig of eucalyptus.  The extensions were put in a bath of purple tea bags, frozen geranium leaves and pomegranate seeds added to fabric then wrapped around black pipe. The  crochet parts are from on old doily. One pocket I sewed pearl buttons, others I rebel stitched, there is a secret pocket on the back inside.  I sewed the word “JOY” inside it is the word I picked at the first class I took with India Flint in New Mexico and it totally describes what I feel when I am working with cloth and stitch. The trinket line is very meaningful to me, an Anzac button for my Aussie heritage, a shell from Maui where I was fortunate  to take another class with India, a wine opener just because, a coin from New Guinea where I met my husband 51 years ago,  setting of my original engagement ring(long story), a miraculous medal because it is miraculous what leaves and fabric do when they meet and a bird because I love them. There is also an American  and Australian flags button for my two countries.
Maureen McDermott

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