Danette Quartey Hörberg


It was such a joy to enroll in India’s School of Nomad Arts just when winter was dragging on, a true “winter of discontent” for me, having very fresh memories of the mediterranean-typ winter! Sweden doesn’t offer a lot of fresh greenery in winter, so I resorted to some assorted dry eucalyptus leaves. The result fitted well with my state of mind at the time we started: sparse color, muted tones. Even from the threads I dyed I only used the most discreet ones, finding most of the rest too ”garish”. But Spring sprang, and so did I, both in mind, but also in body going off to the edge of France, Finistère, to join India in person, with my apron in tow, for the masterclass ”Being (T)here”.

So my apron changed. I rediscovered those “garish” threads I’d dyed, and used them, bringing Spring and joy onto my apron. An alchemy of sorts I think, transforming barrenness and dullness into something fertile and blooming. My apron is still a work in progress, trinkets and poetry will come when they want to. For now I’m just happy for the time spent with new stitch-sisters, for all the inspiration, and I’m so grateful to India for sharing her inspiration and vast knowledge.

Danette Quartey Hörberg

4 thoughts on “Danette Quartey Hörberg

  1. I love your words! I love the stitching and I love the way the apron is layered. I also enjoy the way we can share and encourage each other in this process. Your work is so lovely and truly feels magical!

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  2. Hi Danette, what a beautiful apron, and what wonderful words! I have only just got an apron cut out, as I’ve been overseas, and had other projects – and now we are in winter in Australia it’s time to come inside a while. The apron is for my Granddaughter – who turns 14 next month, so I need to get on and stitch, stitch, stitch. I am inspired by yours, and happy you had time with India in France – I had thought of that class, as I was in the UK, but have decided to leave the warmth of Australia’s summer, and fly to Scotland in November for further inspiration and time with India. Hopefully our paths may cross as we wander this vast planet! Truly inspired by your work!

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