Michelle Lubash


The Alchemist’s Apron project with India Flint and the School of Nomad Arts came to me at the perfect time. I have had 6 months of long distance travelling back and forth between my home and my mother’s home and many hours to myself in between doctor’s visits and caring for my mother during an illness. Also, it has been my first serious foray into Botanical Printing and has fulfilled a long-held wish to learn with India whose work and life I have admired ( and sometimes envied… if I’m honest) since first reading about her Eco Printing methods. Having  the pleasure of a project to work on during this peripatetic period gilded my days with the excitement of learning new skills and the pure wonder of discovering the what the trees, plants and flowers in my mother’s garden and neighborhood would offer. And of course it fueled my daily walks with a desire to walk further, turn a new corner and find a new leaf to bring back to the pot. My mother marveled at my energy and was as excited as me by the results. In sum, it has done us both a lot of good. I’m looking forward to the next installment, thank you India 😉

Michelle Lubash

2 thoughts on “Michelle Lubash

  1. Your pockets are wonderful! The stitching is great also……more than even the beauty of the apron I love the magic you described about the joy of discovery during your mother’s illness.


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