Teresa Stanton

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The majority of my class mates will agree each apron is individually and collectively an anthology of many narratives. A body of expressions that tell of beginnings made from ends within an infinite cycle of possibilities.  In The School of Nomad Arts if it is not beautiful it is not done and if it is done it is not the end because that is when the stories begin. Stories of overworked mental architectures functioning as imaginations for creative play,  gifted windfalls become printed souvenirs for mapping lesson chronicles onto aprons stitched from preloved shirts. Threads write words,  poems paint pictures and pockets are a force of sublime and beauty.   On my apron all the work is done- like a philosopher I’ve gone back to the wind. At home where time is measured by shadows on the moon and dreams catch in Queen Anne’s Lace umbrellas when the wind blow past my sanctum door. I can tell you anyone that has a desire to run with stitches and print with leaves can join in the #apronuprising.  However, the “eco” wiser will chose similarly organic contributions and natural phenomena to guide them through.

Teresa Stanton 

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