Jeanette Goode



Shoshin is my secret word attached to the inside of my alchemists apron , for the wearers eyes only. It is caught with tiny stitches dipped in magic potions and boiled with leaves and lichens and mushrooms and flowers.

Shoshin is the practice of seeing life with wonder. Shoshin. The Beginner’s Mind. There is a concept in Zen Buddhism known as shoshin, which means “beginner’s mind.” Shoshin refers to the idea of letting go of your preconceptions and having an attitude of openness when studying a subject. When you are a true beginner, your mind is empty and open. I felt this statement summed up the whole glorious experiment of the Alchemists Apron.

To those who joined me on the journey thank you for your inspiration and for sharing all your magic. Most of all thank you India Flint for the lessons, the guidance and for being brilliant.

Jeanette Goode


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