Title: ‘Just Peachy’ (Apron #1)


“On the Wings of a Fairy (Fiery) and

A Butterfly too…stitched forever

into my apron…Dreams Do Come True”.

I chose a ‘preloved’ white Linen shirt for Apron #1 and transformed the cloth into

a wearable ‘Dresslike’ apron. Eco printing the Linen and some silk with

Oak and Eucalyptus leaves, onion skins, twigs, bark and embellishing

with dyed silk yarn, embroidery thread, vintage lace…

all stitched by hand (no sewing machines here)

and adding a 6 (+1) = 7 Trinkets line

Symbolic of my Family of 6 (+1 etched silver horse = Love for Horses)

A ‘Celtic Amulet’ for my Father’s Irish heritage,

a Beautiful winged Woman for my Mother’s French heritage

and four of my mother’s ‘walk on the beach handpicked shells’

symbolic of their four children ….three girls one boy (of which I am the eldest).

‘Love’ makes the world go round. ‘Charmar’ our Farm name. ‘Dusty Hunter’ our 5th Labrador and Favorite Dog.

‘Waste Not Want Not’ as Mother would say.

Adding some extra shells with ‘sparkly’ beads for good measure.

10+ pockets to hold artisan tools, notes, collected flora of several kinds

and a needle and thread to add a word or two!

Thank you India for this extraordinary class and to all the ‘apron sisters’

around the “whirld” who joined in. …may there be more adventures down the path.

Twas a lot of fun …each ‘making’ at our own pace (obsessed n delightfully challenged I made 2 other

dresslike aprons ::  a preloved cotton shirt…another linen shirt with a bit more “Magic Potion”)

…sharing each apron’s progress along the way.

So be it’Just Peachy’ and I are ready to dance …

celebrating the ‘Earths’ loveliness… the sun… moon…stars…flowers…trees…animals…birds…hawks…

rivers….streams…clouds…wind…in all their beauty and treasures along the way…

Charleen Kerley  Pflueger


  1. Trying to find Charlene. I’m a member of woman’s club of lincoln. She has been a member and given classes. Haven’t heard from her lately. Hoping she is okay. Please let her know I’m asking about her and to contact me. Thank you. Fran Neves. I’m on Facebook.


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