Michelle O’Hara Auer


My first #alchemistsapron #schoolofnomadarts project is now complete, although the journey has really only just begun.

Before I met India last Summer I couldn’t sew a stitch. Now I slow stitch everything I can get my hands on!

I’m truly blessed on this journey of discovery. Everyday I wake up telling myself how lucky I am to still be here, finding new paths & new ways of doing.

I sewed a hidden word inside of my apron; ‘believe’…….reminding me that anything you set your mind to is achievable.

My narrative is a piece from favourite poet Mary Oliver. It has been written that she is a poet of wisdom whose vision allows us to look intimately at a world not of our making…

I find the same can be said about India Flint and the journey she has taken us on through The School of Nomad Arts. A poet who weaves her words through print making, leaf gathering and rejuvenating cloth.

My stitched words around my apron are the same words I have had written across my studio walls for years ~
………..’arranging her dark skirts, her pockets full of lichen and seeds’…………….

The Alchemist Apron, ’embellished with marks harvested from the landscape, the botanical alchemy of bundle dyeing ‘ …. & the exploration of oneself.

This is she.

Much gratitude to India Flint and the stitching sisters around the world.

Michelle O’Hara Auer

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