Pam Kelly


Once upon a time approximately 3 decades ago, I purchased a crisp white summer shirt with an unusual texture as a staple component for my wardrobe. Although a bit discoloured & not quite as fresh, I could never bring myself to part with it. Voilà, along comes the perfect opportunity to extend its life – The Alchemist Apron workshop with India Flint, the master botanical alchemist. An on line project that has provided so much joy in the sampling & testing of the eco dyeing, ambient slow stitching & embellishment process, that I was sad to draw a line in the sand to call an end to it.

My trinket line contains items that are significant to my life & provide cherished memories – a cuff link that belonged to my Dad, a vintage thimble of my grandmother’s & a half penny from the year of my birth. The  special words that I have embroidered – meraki, which is a greek noun, which defines  the soul, creativity, or love that has been put into something, the essence of myself that has been put into my apron. And alchemy, which has long been a favourite word – “a medieval philosophy and early form of chemistry, whose aims were the transmutation of base metals into gold, the discovery of a cure for all diseases, and the preparation of a potion that gives eternal youth. The imagined substance capable of turning other metals into gold was called the philosophers’ stone.”

Part of the aprons embellishment is a selection of doilies from my ever growing collection with further additions being pearl buttons from yesteryear. A couple of poems for pockets (one being borrowed from one of India’s videos during this course) plus embroidered words on the flounce around my derrière complete the gratifying picture of this garment.

Pam Kelly


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