Jane Lethbridge


My eldest granddaughter turned 14 in July. She is building herself a tiny house and I imagined her wearing an apron whilst painting the walls. So the linen shirt purchased in an op shop many months before became the base for the apron.

I watched India’s wonderful videos eagerly, but something was holding me back from starting – wondering if a 14 year old would actually wear an apron or even want one. But the idea of creating something for her, that could be a reflection of my creativity linked with my love for her, spurred me on finally.

Her birthday was looming so I gathered fallen eucalyptus bark and leaves from my garden, and strolled down to the beach with a bag and collected windfall leaves and droppings from Norfolk Pine trees on the way.

I put the cauldron on to heat up a mix of the bark, some leaves, some avocado stones and a couple of pieces of iron. The journey had finally begun.

Once bundled, dyed and dried I stitched her three given names in various places. I found a small piece of dyed fabric and stitched the word Blessed onto it – and stitched that inside for her to see each time she slipped the apron over her head.

I used naturally dyed threads to stitch randomly on the apron.

I had found a bundle of antimacassars a while ago – wondering how they would dye and what they could be used for. These became extra length at the front and back. A bit of an experiment.

I rummaged in my broken jewellery bag, so used a couple of pieces from a bracelet my sister had gifted me, and used a couple of shells collected on my travels. The start of a trinket line.

I ran out of time to do more stitching – it was becoming quite addictive. I am hoping she will embellish it herself over the years, and it will be part of her story.

And when I visit maybe I will stitch more love into it.

Thank you India for encouraging experiment and exploration with natural dyes, and creating an on-line class. I am loving seeing other stitch sisters creations.

Jane Lethbridge

One thought on “Jane Lethbridge

  1. It’s a beautiful apron and fabulous gift! I love how you stitched so much love into it, yet left room for your Granddaughter to continue her story.


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