Joyce Leatherwood


I was overjoyed to find India Flint was teaching an online class having wondered for a long time if I would ever be able to take a class from her in person.  I signed up even though we are traveling full time and I did not know if I would be able to access the lessons and videos in real time, however, was assured they would be available for eternity so I jumped right in.
The lessons were wonderful and encouraged lots of plant dye experiments using various post mordants. I found blouses at a Thrift Shop and cut and sewed enthusiastically. I achieved a wonderful warm brown on my apron using dried pecan leaves. The added pockets are personal additions and learning experiences as is the trinket line.
I decided to dedicate the apron to my travels and added the ravens on the lower portion appliquéd out of cloth using iron mordant to create the darker color.  Ravens have been on every part of this journey so it seemed appropriate to include them.  In researching the Raven in Native American cultures, the Raven is symbolic of transformation or metamorphosis.  This past year of traveling has certainly been a transformation of our lives from the full time work-a-day world into a life of travel and more time to reflect and create art.  We will settle down some time soon, but for now we will “wander joyfully.”
Joyce Leatherwood

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