Catherine Ednie

I retired from my job working in computer software on April 1, 2018. In leading up to retirement, I was looking to engage with a project that would accompany me through this major life transition. With India’s “Alchemist’s Apron,” I found the perfect project. It was soothing, absorbing, challenging, many-faceted, and beautiful! I developed skills in eco-dyeing, and got to know some local plant friends in my new location in Maine (USA). I was able to transform items that I’d been storing for many years, forming a satisfying bridge between my past and my future. All this and the companionship and guidance of India Flint and the online community of students at the School of Nomad Arts. I completed my apron on December 28, 2018, just before the turn of the year.

My apron, taken outside during a pretty snowfall for a photo session:


Closeups of the embroidered bib, front and back, showing my special word, “entrance” (I borrowed this word from India’s lesson, finding delight in its multiple layers of meaning):


Trinkets along top edges of front pockets:


Catherine Ednie

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