Jo Roszkowski

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New Moon Apron

Two shirts came home with me from the opportunity shop and they have, like me, taken different paths. This once mauve coloured cotton shirt is thinner and softer to work with and the way it has taken up the plant colours is quite subtle. There have been many gentle pauses and the luxury of time to over dye parts and pockets which I have not done before. We have meandered along together and the first word I embroidered on this one was (be)longing…. A concept I have been pondering about myself, but I also love how the word can be broken down to just ‘be’ing and also to ‘longing’. It has helped me remember relationships with important women in my life – past and present. I used some Grevillea Robusta which is a tree my mother planted in my garden and I think of her every time the birds come to feed from it. Some of the buttons and trinkets were bought on a trip to London with my daughter. The new moon brings new possibilities with it each month and I hope to remember that each time I put on this apron.

Jo Roszkowski

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