Jan Rowan Lovell


“Earth I am” is a line from one of my favorite chants.  It appears on my Alchemist’s Apron along with other phrases that are powerful to me like “Woman Rewilding”.  Through the process of creating the apron I felt both phrases growing inside me.  My apron made from a man’s recycled linen shirt was dyed with all things oak…oak leaves, acorns, oak galls and oak bark along with onion skins for additional color.  10 visible pockets made from pieces of raw silk that I had dyed over the last 6-7 years hold poems, prayer cards and little “zines” to record thoughts along the way.  Making such a wonderful apron reflects all I hold dear…using recycled cloth and findings, having the oaks right outside my door provide the beautiful brown colors, learning to dye my threads with the local plants and sewing with only my hands so I am more present with each moment.  Being able to wear cloth next to my skin dyed with trees and plants born of this earth helps me feel “Earth I am”.  I am so appreciative of having this experience with India Flint.  Her knowledge and her way of being in the world made these couple of months meaningful and joyful!

Jan Rowan Lovell


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